Plan B?

 Asa, confronted with an inevitable battle, was overwhelmed. He loved God. Asa had purged the nation of idols and restored worship to the One True God. God had been good to him. But in the face of this battle, he didn’t turn to God. He turned to an evil king nearby. A man who didn’t love God. And who certainly didn’t work or speak for Him.

To be honest with you I can understand where Asa was coming from. I struggle with waiting. My instinct is to figure it all out for myself, and I have a hard time discerning whether it’s time to flex my muscles and get my shovel or hit my knees and lie in green pastures. Not infrequently, I go with the muscle and shovel approach.

Today I am challenged by Asa. Am I trusting God? Am I allowing Him to open my doors or am I building my own? Am I allowing God to lead me in my pursuits to shed pounds, have a meaningful job, be a nurturing, life giving mother, purchase a home? Or am I looking for a way to accomplish these things in my own power? Am I trusting in the power that brought Christ out of the grave? Or am I trusting in my own or others to accomplish what concerns me?

Father, I know you are good. You are faithful. Your eyes are all seeing and all knowing and your thoughts are infinitely above mine. Father I praise you. Please search my heart and open my eyes to the ways and areas where I am not trusting fully in You. Please help me to look to you and not to myself or other people to accomplish what You have for me. Father, I trust you to fill me with your Spirit. To shed these weights that are holding me back while I am running. I trust you to give me the job that bring you glory and as You give me opportunities please help me to say yes. I trust you to make me the mother that my kids need and I trust you to provide us with the perfect home at the perfect time. I repent of my doubts and fears. I repent of my presumptuous actions and thoughts. It’s in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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