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What She Said

In love she said "you know I don't agree with the way you are leading your kids astray, take care, Hannah, take care".
I called her to tell her that we bought a house. A nice one. Much nicer and bigger than we ever dreamed we would have. God has been good. Much kinder and more gracious than I deserve or even knew to hope for.
But she stopped short of rejoicing, because she believes I have left "the faith" and when my soul is at stake...what's a new house?! 
I wasn't angry. I was sad. And grateful. And full of love. I appreciate her caring for me enough to talk to me about it. Instead of just halting all interactions without explanation.
I know it was motivated by love. I know it hurt her to say. Because I know she loves me.
I took her seriously. I considered her words.
I searched my soul.
I do not believe I am infallible, that I have access to something that other people don't. At some point in the future, we may realize that we …