A Reason to Give Up

I could live in the shame of my past. I could accept the judgments of others.

I could. Because I have committed heinous acts. Against God and other people. Very public things that most people who have known me for a few years know about. And others who haven't that I openly confess to.

But I don't live in shame. Because that isn't what God has for me. Or you. I won't live in character defects. I don't have to.

I do not delight in them. I rejoice because Jesus plucked me out of the clutches of Satan.

But because I remember where He's brought me from, I love Him even more. I am deeply and profoundly grateful. I am keenly aware of what God has done for me.

So while people may turn their backs on me, I will not cower. I will boldly declare God's goodness and allow the Spirit to mold me to be different in the future.

My God is amazing. He has done marvelous things for me. It's difficult to draw a deep breath when I try to meditate on it all. Everytime I drive up to our house. Every time friends ring our doorbell and I LET THEM IN.

Every day, every minute I am reminded that I exist and function by the grace of God.

Praise God!

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