How to Distinguish Truth From Lies

I cower like a whipped puppy.
When accusations are hurled at me or someone disagrees with me. I cower.
But I am learning that just because someone else sees me and things a certain way, doesn't mean they are that way.
So I am learning to sift for truth. Here's what I am learning...
1. Pray. Tell God explicitly that I am confused. Ask Him to reveal the Truth to me. Even if that means convicting me of sin. I ask Him to reveal any area of denial that I am in and any lies that I am believing.
2. Seek wise counsel.
3. Check my heart, admit and repent of any pride or defensiveness or other sin. And make sure that I am open to being wrong.
4. Trust God to give me the answers I need and to direct my steps. Because He will. Jesus said that if I continue in His word, then I will be His disciple and I will know the truth and the truth will set me free.
5. Seek God with all my heart. Worship Him. In song and in life. And in His word.
6. Give it time. It doesn't always happen overnight.
If I do these things, the truth comes to light.
The key is relying on God and His wisdom instead of my own.
Of course, that's always the key, right?

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