Order of Operations: God's Process

When my kitchen is a MESS, I mean REALLY A MESS. Like every last dish in the kitchen is dirty, there's not a square centimeter of counter space that's not congested with dishes or covered in flour or jelly, and the trash is overflowing. When my kitchen is THAT dirty...I have a process.

I don't go in and start doing the dishes. I start with the easiest tasks. The tasks that can be done quickly but that make a big difference quickly. First, I take out the trash. Second, I put away the things on the counters that are ready to be put away, consolidate the dishes into one space, and wipe down the counters. Then I unload the dishwasher, reload it, and fill the dirtiest dishes to be hand washed with warm water, a bit of Dawn and set them aside. Finally, I wash the dishes.
When the dishes are all clean, I set about detailing the counters - making sure there is no trace of jelly or flour in the nooks and crannys - and any other organizational tasks that need to be completed.

Lastly, I sweep the floor a couple of times and then mop. And then sweep again. And then mop again.

And finally, it's clean. For about half a second before someone comes and uses the dishes, drops crumbs on the floor and spills jelly on the counter.

This is not a system that I  found written anywhere, it's just what I do. Why do I start with taking out the trash  and putting things away instead of doing the dishes? Because those things make a big difference in  the  LOOK of the room and that creates momentum. When I can SEE the progress I'm  making, I'm more likely to keep working. It makes me feel good about what I'm doing, so that by the time I get to the things that require digging in and plowing through to the finish, I've gained confidence in the system and I am invested in the finished product to the point that I will stick it out until the last wooden spoon is clean. Because it's hard to see any difference at all when I'm washing wooden spoons. The pile seems just as high after I've washed a wooden spoon as it did before.

I am wondering if that process is similar to how God is working on me?

He's done a lot for me. It's really overwhelming and I can't catch my breath when I ponder it all.

But some of the things that I most want Him to change are things that I'm still struggling with. And sometimes I wonder if I'm missing something? Am I being honest with myself? Or am I just at the point of wooden spoon washing?

I know that God is working. And I am trusting Him to show me the answers either way. But I do wonder all the same.

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