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A Disappearing Act

I'm not a big gift giver. I love to give gifts, but I find it daunting most of the time, so I don't  attempt it often. When I feel moved to give a gift, it's to have my love for the other person manifested in physical form. Evidence of our deep, soul-knowing. And finding the perfect gift to do that is . . . not easy. Sometimes I end up proving that I don't know them as well as I thought. And I really dislike that feeling.

I'm not a big gift receiver either. It's not that I don't love receiving gifts, but I receive them in the same way I give a physical manifestation of our relationship. Evidence of our deep, soul-knowing. Or proof that they really don't know me at all. 
Gift giving and receiving is a serious business for me. Obligatory gifts and designated gift giving times are pestilences in my view. I hate the pressure to find the perfect thing on cue, and I hate settling for something less than perfecteven more. So when the Spirit moves me …